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Witch Shop - Incense & Black Tea

Witch Shop - Incense & Black Tea

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If you've ever walked into a store and were overjoyed with the witchy vibes, this candle is for you. Witch Shop features rich top notes of tobacco leaf and resins that warm up to sandalwood and anise over a base of amber and roasted black tea leaves. This custom-blended fragrance is unique, far from a standard incense candle, and will bring a little bit of mystery and magic into your space.

Notes: Tobacco leaf -  Sandalwood -  Anise - Resins - Amber - Black Tea

About Our Candles

9 oz proprietary custom soy blend wax we have created ourselves for clean burning and bold scent throws.

We create our own unique custom fragrance blends. Our fragrances and ingredients are free from harsh synthetic chemicals that are commonly found in big brand cosmetics, candles, and perfumes.  With health & quality in mind, we use only premium grade phthalate free fragrances & ingredients from trusted sources. 

Cruelty free. Vegan. Wax primed full cotton wick. Metal Lid. Handmade in small batches. 

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