Bold. Mystical. Haunting. Our very own custom blended fragrances for lovers of the dark, dreary, and all things halloween.


I have almost all of your candles and I will never purchase a bath and body works candle again. The scents are incredible and the labels and designs are so cute. They're strong candles, but not overpowering. It's just the right amount to let you know its there. I always have a Lunar Light candle when i have guests over, whatever is burning is always complimented by someone! I have all of my favorites in perfume oils (btw i love that you offer your stuff in perfumes! :,) My friend introduced me to this company a couple of months ago and I am so glad she did. You guys rock! Keep it up!


I love everything about Lunar Light Co. I love that the owner puts so much love into everything and you can really tell. I have been buying her candles for awhile now and they just get better and better. Alexandra has PERFECTED these scents!! Will never buy from anywhere else ever again!


I'm very happy with my haul from Lunar light. They all smell amazing and burn great. Even the packaging had an impressive personal touch. And thank you for the extra goodies. I will be shopping with them again. Would recommend to anyone who likes unique scents and designs.


I have ordered twice from you and am absolutely blown away! The care that you take in packing your items and the little personal touches with the inserts are great! I know there’s no way you could know but the free sample I received feels like it was handpicked just for me and is perfect! I am a new lifetime customer for sure and I now know where I will be getting all of my candles going forward. Love everything about it!!!

Evil Val

I love all of the candles i have bought from this shop. I have gifted a bunch of them too and my friends and family always love the scents and label art. The scents are all unique and I have never gotten one that I didn't like. They burn clean and have long burn times and are strong for the size of the jars so they are great candles for the price!


I have around 8 or more candles from Lunar Light Co and 2 more on the way along with some perfume and I will absolutely never buy another candle from anyone else ever again. They have candles for absolutely everyone (yes! Men too!! even if it’s not your aesthetic the scents are to die for! Very creamy and light on the nose.. I’m prone to migraines and lunar light has really been a game changer for me being able to enjoy scented candles again. The shipping is always super speedy and the prices are more than reasonable. The perfume is light and it isn’t sticky and won’t clear out a room ! <3


Love this company so much! The quality and consistency of their products are always so high in every respect. Such beautiful scents, packaging, and fine ingredients! They treat their customers so well—very authentic, responsive, professional, and generous! I love their spooky, dark themes and tributes to bands, such as Type O Negative—their TON candles perfectly embody Peter Steele’s lyrics. They are true fans! So glad I discovered this company!


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Mummys tomb candle, smells like myrrh