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We work to get out every order within 3-5 business days. Processing times vary during holidays (October/Halloween, Black Friday & Christmas are high sale volume times.)  Current processing times will always be listed on our website banner.  


We print shipping labels in bulk at the beginning of each week.  It's just two people packing every order by hand so this takes some time. We also pack your order well so it will have a safe journey to you!  If you received an email that says your package has shipped, but does not have a current scan, this either means we are still fulfilling your order OR the post office has it, but has not scanned it in yet (If this is the case, your package is on the way - It's just the post office hasn't scanned it in but will scan it when it delivers. Weird, I know, but the post office does what they feel is most efficient to get orders out in a timely manner. We have our own timeframe of when we get orders packed up and picked up by our mailman (usually within 3-5 business days but be sure to refer to our current processing times in the banner at the top of our website  (You agree to these processing times upon checkout by selecting the checkbox)  - Halloween, Christmas, Black Friday are high order volume times) We unfortunately do not have control over the USPS timeframe or any delays they maybe having. We have the same exact information on your tracking as you do. We promise we have your orders out within our current processing time frames. With the USPS, it's literally out of our hands. Please be patient.



If the item says delivered, please check with your local post office. It could still be on the mail truck or at the post office. Also, check to see if it was left with your neighbor by mistake. 
Unfortunately, once the product is out and says "delivered", we cannot offer refunds or exchanges. Candles arrive in large boxes, please let your local post office know a safe place to put it if you are not home. USPS provides an option where you can have them hold your package until you are able to pick it up. (Just go to your tracking info on the USPS website and include it in the special instructions for delivery) If you have issues in your area or will not be home, please keep that in mind and when filling out shipping, put a trusted address such as a trusted neighbor, work address, family member's address, or request the post office to hold the package etc. Once an item is shipped, we do NOT have any more information than you do. If there is a problem with your shipment, please contact your post office and give them your tracking information. 

We are NOT responsible for lost or stolen packages. In this case, we suggest filing a complaint with your local USPS. 

We are not responsible for the errors made by USPS. Lunar Light Co. is not responsible for delayed or lost orders. We recommend filing a complaint at your local post office.


Due to the nature of our products, we only offer refunds/exchanges for damaged products. 

DAMAGED PRODUCTS FOR REFUND/EXCHANGE- If you have received your package and find that your products are damaged,

1. please send us clear photos of the damaged product(s) -- (the more photos the better!) next to the tracking label with both addresses visible with the box to

2. At this time, USPS has made insurance claims impossible to claim. We will send you over a return label to print out and tape to the box to send back to us. (USPS makes the seller present the damaged items to the post office so they can inspect it.) 

3. We will offer a refund for the items or replacement for the broken item(s). Refund - If you choose refund, please note the refund amount will be for the item cost only, NOT the shipping charge.