About Us

Lunar Light Co. is an independent woman-owned small business established in 2018. Located in Cleveland, (Chesterland) Ohio.


Meet the maker: Alexandra (photo above)

 Lunar Light Co. is for lovers of the dark, dreary, and all things Halloween. Our candles will enchant and scent your home in magic. Our wearable fragrances are unforgettable. We are dedicated to offer you with the highest quality ingredients.  Our candles are a proprietary soy blend wax we have created ourselves for clean burning and bold scent throws. We mix & create our own fragrance blends to ensure uniqueness and scents that will fit our brand well. Not to be different, but because we are different. Lunar Light Co. candles tell a dark and haunting story through our label art and one of a kind fragrance blends. Our fragrances and ingredients are free from harsh synthetic chemicals that are commonly found in big brand cosmetics, candles, and perfumes.  With health and quality in mind, we use only premium grade phthalate free fragrances and ingredients from trusted sources. We do not use any suppliers that conduct animal testing. We are also vegan friendly. All of our ingredients are made/sourced/grown here in the United States, and most of our supplies come from small businesses as well. So not only are you supporting one small business, you are supporting many small businesses! The label designs, the fragrances, the formulation and creation of the candle, fragrance mists, perfume oils & potions, the packaging, all done by hand. We hope you love these fragrances as much as we do and we hope for them to be in your spooky abode!