October 7th, 2022
Orders placed from 10/14-10/31 will start shipping the first week of November.
Attention all ghouls! A few quick updates:


The last restock of the season is coming. This will be your last chance to grab the 2022 Halloween Collection. In addition, we’ve got some big things planned for next month and are already busy designing labels and working on new fragrance blends for 2023!

I also want to announce that the second half of October will be a little more quiet than usual. Yes, it’s our favorite time of the year, and typically I’d be posting Halloween stuff every day, but this year is different. I am getting married on 10/15 and will be traveling through the remainder of the month!

That being said, the Lunar Light shop will remain open, but orders will not ship out until I return from our honeymoon. Orders placed from 10/14-10/31 will start shipping the first week of November.

Thank you for understanding and have an AMAZING spooky season!!

Love you all!



Important pricing information

With the costs of goods and shipping going up this year, we have to raise our candle prices. I hate doing this, I want to keep our candles as affordable as possible while maintaining the quality of my products which is very important to me, but it is necessary to maintain our business. Soy has increased all across the board since the pandemic has started ( I looked for my wax brands at every supplier and they all have increased.) Our suppliers have raised their price on our waxes and our other supplies and packaging. And these aren’t small increases. The waxes we use have increased by almost $30 for the same quantities.  (Update: It was raised again $15 more.) and shipping will go up for these suppliers as well (shipping rates increase every year) I want to keep the price increase as small as I could so I am only raising products by $1-$2. Shipping rates increase every year (with the flat rate, I sometimes just have to cover the rest of the cost of the label, that is how expensive USPS is, and they raise it every year.) Small businesses do not have the access to offer free shipping like big corporations do. Shipping honestly makes me want to pull my hair out sometimes lol. With that, suppliers increasing products on goods, and on top of that, PayPal and credit card processors have raised their processing fees, it is like business owners cannot catch a break and it can stress me out quite a bit because I really hate raising any prices. But I want to provide everyone with the best products and the best experiences with Lunar Light Co.
I enjoy everyday doing what I love and its all of you that make it possible. I cannot thank you enough for the support you’ve given me for the past couple of years. Thank you for supporting my dream. I am so grateful for all of the support.
With that said, I have put in a reward system on to the site! Now you can start earning points with your purchases and can redeem special discounts on future orders! Click the icon on the bottom of your screen labeled " REWARDS" and sign up to start earning!


Recently, USPS announced they will be slowing down mail deliveries through out the holiday season. (with a shipping price increase too, some of our shipments to the west coast is more than what we are charging :( ) but we will NOT be raising our shipping prices since we just raised our prices this year, but please understand that shipments and tracking delays are possible. 

We unfortunately do not have control over the USPS timeframe or any delays they maybe having. We promise we have your orders out within our current processing time frames. If you are having any issues with your tracking, please reach out to USPS directly. Once the packages leave our studio, we do not have any other additional information on the tracking.


We are a small team but Halloween is a big thing for us. We've been very busy making as much stock as we possibly can. While I'm pretty confident in the stock we have, it is possible we could sell out (last year we sold out in 30 mins!). So I strongly recommend setting an alarm if you want to grab first batch!  Don't worry, if this happens, we will open pre-orders that day for the second batch. Pre-order will be opened for a limited time, but will guarantee you the candles/products you want.


If in the case we sell out quickly, we will open pre-orders like we did last year! Pre-order for second batch will be open and be up until August 8th at 11:59 PM EST (And if you miss pre-order, we regularly restock Halloween up until the week of Halloween!) Please note - Pre-orders are for second batches. This means Halloween candles need to be made, hand labeled, and packaged up and are estimated to ship within 2-4 weeks. Orders will be processed in the order they are received.

We cannot combine shipping as during high order volume, it gets to be confusing so make sure you double check everything before checkout!

Also, please note, if you order during pre-order and grab any of our candles that are not marked as pre-order, they will not ship out until all of your candles are ready! 

I want to thank you for all of the support you show us during the year and especially for our Halloween candles! These are our favorite candles to make and I'm so happy you all love them as much as we do!


-Alex and the ghouls at Lunar Light Co. 


Let's talk about shipping!

March 2021

Everyone knows shipping is such a pain in the butt! As a small business, shipping can be a beast on top of everything else. USPS rates are high, especially priority (we use priority 99.5% of the time) and they continue to raise these rates every year. They just raised it again, .85 cents more this year. I often see the question come up for small candle businesses.. "why is shipping so high?" Simply put, candles make heavy packages and we have to use priority rates for them, so costs are high. Unfortunately, a lot of us cannot offer free shipping like amazon and other bigger corporations. We have overhead costs, product costs, packing materials, employees, website costs, taxes and fees etc. However, each business puts all of their hardworking passion and love into each one of their creations, uniquely made, something amazon and others cannot offer. We offer our own special touches and extras.

I offer a flat rate shipping for domestic orders. This means, 1 candle or 50 candles, it will be one flat shipping rate. If your order reaches $50 or more before shipping, you will receive a free gift in your order! We promise, our candles are worth it! 




Here are some reviews our customers have left us that you can find under our products!


The Graveyard Candle - Lots of layers

I am a candle collector, from bath and body works to diptyque. I’ve recently started buying small batch candles because big name brands can seem repetitive. I found Lunar Light through a youtube video and this was the first candle I wanted to try. It really in my opinion smells like a luxury candle. It has so many layers and I keep picking up different notes every time I smell it. it’s really earthy and herbal but has a sweet note to it (not a foodie sweet, but a natural, earth sweet) well done! I love this candle and can’t wait to try more of your candles.


Salem Witch Candle - An all-timer

This is one of my favorite scents, not only from Lunar Light Co. but PERIOD. Absolutely lovely, and perfect for late-summer/early fall. The most complex apple profile I've ever found. Throws very well.