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Witch House - Black Florals & Spiced Vanilla

Witch House - Black Florals & Spiced Vanilla

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If you're looking for a complex incense scent with witchy vibes, this is it. Black incense and clove meet sweeter notes of spiced vanilla and golden amber over a base of dried pressed black florals. This scent is dark and spellbinding like the black house that sits still in the darkest night and will transport you to Salem in 1692.

Can't burn candles? Freshen up your space with your favorite scents! Our fragrance mists are perfect for pillows & linens, in your vehicle, bathrooms, hotel rooms, anywhere! You can even use these as a body mist.

We create our own unique custom fragrance blends. Our fragrances & ingredients are free from harsh synthetic chemicals that are commonly found in big brand cosmetics, candles, and perfumes. With health and quality in mind, we use only premium grade phthalate free fragrances and ingredients from trusted sources. 

Ingredients- Distilled water. Proprietary perfumer's alcohol custom blended base. Phthalate free custom blend fragrance, essential oil, natural plant based emulsifier. 

Shake well. Please spot test before use on fabric or skin. Some fragrances contain vanilla, patchouli or citrus and in result will naturally have a slight discoloration. This will not affect the use of this product.

Cruelty free. Vegan. 2 oz glass bottle. Handmade in small batches.

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