Let's talk about shipping!

Let's talk about shipping!

Everyone knows shipping is such a pain in the butt! As a small business, shipping can be a beast on top of everything else. USPS rates are high, especially priority (we use priority 99.5% of the time) and they continue to raise these rates every year. I often see the question come up for small candle businesses.. "why is shipping so high?" Simply put, candles make heavy packages and we have to use priority rates for them, so costs are high. Unfortunately, a lot of us cannot offer free shipping like amazon and other bigger corporations. We have overhead costs, product costs, packing materials, employees, website costs, taxes and fees etc. However, each business puts all of their hardworking passion and love into each one of their creations, something amazon and others cannot offer. We offer our own special touches and extras.

I offer a flat rate shipping for domestic orders. This means, 1 candle or 50 candles, it will be one flat shipping rate. If your order reaches $50 or more before shipping, you will receive a free gift in your order! We promise, our candles are worth it! 




Here are some reviews our customers have left us that you can find under our products!


The Graveyard Candle - Lots of layers

I am a candle collector, from bath and body works to diptyque. I’ve recently started buying small batch candles because big name brands can seem repetitive. I found Lunar Light through a youtube video and this was the first candle I wanted to try. It really in my opinion smells like a luxury candle. It has so many layers and I keep picking up different notes every time I smell it. it’s really earthy and herbal but has a sweet note to it (not a foodie sweet, but a natural, earth sweet) well done! I love this candle and can’t wait to try more of your candles.


Salem Witch Candle - An all-timer

This is one of my favorite scents, not only from Lunar Light Co. but PERIOD. Absolutely lovely, and perfect for late-summer/early fall. The most complex apple profile I've ever found. Throws very well.

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